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Tamarillo Active Travel leads expedition-style programs in Italy, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia for international student groups.

All our programs share the common themes of cultural awareness, sustainable tourism and personal growth. Specific academic topics are often covered such as wildlife sciences, recreation management, media studies, social justice, leadership theory and more.

International Study Programs are led by our inspirational team of skilled guides. This multi-cultural crew are experts in managing group safety in both urban and wilderness areas, and in 'capturing the educational moments', helping students extract the full benefit from their travel experience.

Programs can be run at any time of the year. Modes of travel include sea-kayaking, back-country hiking and slow-biking along car-free cycle-trails. Use of public transport - buses, ferries and trains - keeps the program costs down, integrates our groups with the local scene and teaches individual students valuable travel skills.

We work with university educators and outdoor program leaders to design programs tailored to meet their group's timetable, study-focus and budget.

Since our foundation in 1998 we've led International Study Programs for many groups, including Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, Brigham Young University, Appalachian State University, Southern Methodist University, West Virginia University, Miami University, the University of Maryland, the University of Delaware, Earlham College, Lees-McRae College and Harpeth Hall School. Many of these groups have worked with us multiple times.

Programs normally range between one and three weeks, but any duration is possible. The usual group-size is between 12 and 24 students. The larger the group, the less the per-student price.

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From our guest-book:

'A magical experience - the best eco-tour I could have ever imagined. The guides were not only professional, but spectacularly friendly, with the ability to educate and encourage in every moment. Tamarillo Active Travel is on our must-do list for every year from this year on.'

Russ Watts, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA

'We have worked with Tamarillo Active Travel for three consecutive years in Fiji as part of a South Pacific Study Abroad program. They have provided safe adventures, life-altering cultural experiences, and exceptional personal relationships that have lasted well beyond our 10 day trips. Tamarillo is well-conceived, carefully operated, and committed to sustainable tourism development. I could not be happier with the service and experiences they have provided. I give them my highest recommendation, and I will always include them on any program that includes travel to Fiji.'

Brian Hill, Brigham Young University, Utah, USA

'Working with Tamarillo Active Travel was a pleasure. Communication in setting up the trip was always efficient and timely. Everything we proposed, they were able to arrange. They were well informed, very personable, flexible, attentive to everyone's needs. We highly recommend them for their professionalism and very personal approach to organizing a memorable travel experience.'

Lee Hoehn and Tim Kahn, Educational Travel Service, Vermont, USA